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Writer and filmmaker Laura Albritton

Working as part of Magic Kumquat Productions LLC, Laura directed the new short conservation documentary film, Longleaf Forever, which won Best North America Short at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (2024). She also directed the short Introducing the Indigo, which won a Silver Medal for Best Documentary Short at Atlanta Children's Film Festival. She wrote and produced Adventures in History, a short documentary film about historian Jerry Wilkinson.

Laura is the author of five books of non-fiction, including Hidden History of the Florida Keys. Her short fiction has appeared in several literary magazines, such as The Tulane Review, Arts & Letters, and The Potomac Review; her articles and reviews have been published by Harvard Review, the Miami Herald, Sculpture, Southwest Georgia Living, and other publications.

Laura Albritton works remotely as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Miami's Writing Studies department. She has given lectures and presentations on regional history and was featured on the podcast Wait Five Minutes. She is available for in-person and remote speaking engagements.

Laura Albritton on location

Laura Albritton is a writer, college instructor, filmmaker, and Suncoast EMMY® award winner. A fifth generation Floridian, Laura currently makes her home in south Georgia. She studied literature and film at Columbia University and subsequently earned an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Miami, with a James Michener Fellowship.

Laura served as the writer for the feature-length documentary film, The Florida Keys: 200 Hundred Years of Paradise, which won a Suncoast EMMY®. The film was produced by South Florida Public Television and premiered in January 2023. The documentary has been broadcast on 249 public television stations nationally.



COlorado Environmental film festival will screen Longleaf Forever on february 25, 2024. 
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