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Laura Albritton is a producer and writer with Magic Kumquat Productions. Magic Kumquat Productions strives to create visually inspiring, inclusive content

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Adventures in History is a documentary short film that reflects on the importance of unearthing history and the unlikely quest of a single man. Interviewed shortly before his 93rd birthday, historian Jerry Wilkinson recalls how he discovered the Florida Keys and set out to rescue its rich heritage before it could be forgotten. Joined by wife Mary Lou, he traveled the state for years as they hunted down elusive documents and clues. Not content to simply research, he shared what he discovered through hundreds of presentations, historical reenactments, books, articles, film, and the internet. In the process, he became a local legend. With the participation of colleagues from Florida Keys museums and archives, the film provides a look into the life of a singularly curious and charismatic adventurer.

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