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magic kumquat productions

 Laura Albritton and her partner

Zickie Allgrove make documentary films under the name Magic Kumquat Productions. Magic Kumquat Productions strives to create visually inspiring, inclusive content -- films and videos that move and engage audiences. Laura and Zickie currently focus on conservation, historical, and biographical films.

Laura also works on projects as a freelancer.

For more information visit:

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Magic Kumquat Productions has created two short documentary films, Introducing the Indigo and Adventures in History. Introducing the Indigo is a conservation film about a threatened species of snake and was made with support and assistance from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Division, The Longleaf Alliance, and T.E.R.N. Adventures in History is a documentary short film that reflects on the importance of unearthing history and the unlikely quest of a single man, historian Jerry Wilkinson.  With the participation of colleagues from Florida Keys museums and archives, the film provides a look into the life of a singularly curious and charismatic adventurer. Their next documentary film is in pre-production.

Watch the trailers at

Copy of AdventuresPosterLaurels_edited_edited.jpg
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